Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Some Pic's from last week

Our Ghost crab friends eating bird seed under our feeder. It has become quite a little colony of them as they have dug in all around the base of the feeder and it's funny as they don't bother the birds and the birds don't seem to mind their company. It is quite a sight when the little birds go into the crab holes picking up the seed that has fallen into the holes that crabs have dug.
A Willet feeding in the surf. You have to love their running back and forth with the wave action.  

Getting ready to fish. We were lucky to get in the day as it has rained here every day since. Not all day but there have been showers and thunder and lighting during the course of each day. Today was the best day since last week and the hurricane is off shore from us. Figure that one out? Still can't complain too much as it has kept the temperatures down in the low 80's and there are still no real mosquito problem here as of yet. Just some of those biting flies .

The water is warm and I forgot to mention that we really did catch fish . Not a lot and they weren't very big but when you catch and release it really doesn't matter . It just makes the day a bit more exciting.

We had all the little Sanderlings bathing and just having a great time in the tidal pools as we fished. It's just amazing how much noise a group of little birds can make when they are taking a bath.

The Willets and Gulls also enjoyed the warm water. Not as much as the little guys and no where near the noise level.

We had at one point a hundred birds splashing around in front of us. So you know we had to stop fishing and just sit under the umbrella as we watched them have a good time.

And as the day started to fade we let the poles sit and we enjoyed the roar of the waves and the gentle breeze. Just another beautiful day on the beach and as the tide came in and the tidal pools disappeared all the birds went back to hunting up and down the beach and life was once again renewed for another day.

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