Tuesday, August 5, 2014

    So this past Sunday we have a special treat as our Nephew Anthony who has been working his way through the world of the food service industry has made a really huge step as he has gone from dishwasher to Chef , and what a job he has done. On Sunday the Restaurant he has labored in with much love over the last 5 years as they trained him in all aspects of being one of the many cooks and all that details it takes with running a kitchen and a business at the same time. He was finally allowed to do a special dinner with him doing all the arrangements and the pairing of each course with a special microbrew beer from a local brewer turned out to be just a wonderful . The food and the beer were perfectly matched and the service was just awesome. If anyone should happen to be in the Historic Portsmouth you should not miss the chance to stop and have a meal at Still. They have a great website and the menu is always interesting. Once again our best wishing for Anthony and we know he has a brilliant future ahead of him. Much love to Him and his Dad and his Pop-Pop from us both.                                                                                   G

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