Wednesday, October 31, 2012

           As we waited to pick up the repair part for the brakes we traveled south on the Blue Ridge Parkway and saw some of the most beautiful clouds, but we knew that they were the leading edges of two storms that were coming together. After we made the repair we decided to move closer to home and ended up In Gettysburg. Good thing as the KOA we were in which is up in the Blue Ridge Mountains is now covered with 2 feet of snow. During the storm we were prepared for the worse as we have experienced a 72 mph northeaster in the Outer Banks three years ago. Our luck was good for we had all the wind and rain here but we did not loose power . There was a 30 second blip but it came right back and we were able to watch the storm unfold on TV. It is a little heart breaking to watch so much destruction in areas that in some cases we had been there only a month ago. As for the Jersey shore , when they showed the pictures those were areas where  I had spent many a summer day in all those devastated areas. Many a summer evening on the Seaside Boardwalk and on the Point Pleasant beaches. Very sad. I have seen a few pictures from the Virginia beach area and just two weeks ago we were fishing in the State Park that was under 4 feet of water. I'm still looking to see if the Army Corp Bridge on 12 south going into Cape Hatteras is still there as the news reports were that route 12 was closed in many places. When we saw the pictures of the HMS Bounty sinking off of the Cape it made us sad to see her go down in the Atlantic grave yard of ships and with loss of crew. Our prayers go out to all who have lost their homes and in some cases loved ones.                                            G

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