Sunday, November 4, 2012

              We are back in Center Valley finally after our one week delay due to the storm.. Left Gettysburg this morning and we still haven't seen the sun for 7 days. When we decided to stop there and wait out Sandy we had hoped that it be clear in a few days but that did not happen. When we started seeing pictures of the Jersey coast and all the damage we also saw sun light. The news in the Gettysburg area was that we had all the feeder bands from Sandy and that it would rain on and off  and it did every day. We still managed to do some car touring while we were there. We did the Gettysburg Battle field and Antietam and we also went to Harper's Ferry. I will post some pictures when Verizon comes back to full speed. Only have 1 bar on the 3 g network right now and it takes forever to download pictures. When we arrived home we found some minor damage and haven't really looked to see whats left after the final auction. We have doctors tomorrow and who knows how long we will have to wait to vote on Tuesday. Last time it was almost 3 hours. Our polling place is not very well run and do believe it is on purpose . That could be a 3000 word rant if I were to really get going on it but I will spare you. More tomorrow.                 G

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  1. Glad to hear you made it back. Will catch up with you once we get back to normal. Need to replace $400.00 of food today.