Tuesday, November 27, 2012

         Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We went to Laurens Sisters' house and we had a great time. We deep fried a turkey and a small pork roast and they came out great. As always we ate to much and of course had a few adult beverages and all was well in the world for the day anyway. With Xmas around the corner we are already planning our next trip. Back to Texas to wait out the bad weather and then up into the Northwest and British Columbia with the intent to spend the summer in Alaska if all goes well. We have already have received some information on the camping in BC and of course still waiting for the Alaska book. For some reason the State tourism boards are really bad about being prompt when a request for camping information is requested, I guess they figure RV people don't spent enough on hotels and fine dining for them to care about us, Oh well their loss as we eat out a lot and do the tourist thing while sleeping in our own bed with out bed bugs and dirty bathrooms. Yes that is a slam but have not been real happy with our last few stays in these really what we though were supposed to be up scale rooms in some really nice places. So much for being off track. Enough for now.                                                                          G                            

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