Friday, November 16, 2012

         Well another day and another set of doctors tests. This week has been Doctors, Dentists, blood work with the 14 hour fast and lots of time at the dentist. Cleanings and crowns for both Lauren and me with an X ray mixed in for good measure for Laurens' foot. Really looking forward to dinner with Gary and Kelly tonight and a farewell dinner with the 6th PA on Saturday. Good thing we have the time or we would go nuts trying to fit everything in. Things look better next week with only one day of the Dentist and of course vehicle inspections. Forgot to mention them as both the truck which was over due and the Kia which will be on time , can't remember how this all was done when we both worked. But why complain as the days rocket by and seem to blur and I have a hard time knowing what day and what has to be done today. Thank god Lauren is very organized or I would miss half of the appointments.                                                                                  G

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