Sunday, November 11, 2012

                    Spent the day yesterday cleaning up what was left in my workshop. Cleaned space that I haven't seen since 1986. It's amazing how much saw dust and metal shaving weight. Managed to fill half a garbage can with what seemed like nothing. Still have some wood scraps and a few odd parts to chuck. Cleaned up the bar area and Laurens sewing area and the store room once again. It seems even when you don't live in a house it still generates dirt. Can't wait to be totally free of it.There seem to be more and more leaves each year or am I just getting to old to love cleaning up all of them which I did enjoy once upon a time. bouncing around on the tractor just isn't the same any more, 6 hours on it and I need a day to recoveras my low back gives me the finger.                               G

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