Sunday, October 7, 2012

    Finished our week of family at SeaScape and we are back in the RV. Can't express how nice it was to be back in our own home. The cats are still in super love mode. Guess they thought we we not coming back. Spent the best part of yesterday on the beach as it was very warm here , 81 degrees with just a slight breeze. The water is just starting to get a little cool but still OK . Have no idea what we will do over the next week but there is no bad time here, just relax and enjoy. I have some tackle and poles to clean up , got a little careless and my pole and reel ended up in the sand, Oh well no big problem just a hose and some fresh water. Our family time was great as usual and extremely tiring. Not use to the very late nights and all the laughing that goes with everyone taking a turn in the barrel. I might also say that we will miss all the fun until next year.                                    G                           

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