Tuesday, October 23, 2012

         We have seen some really beautiful trees over the last few days as we have traveled a good portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway and some really cool unpaved roads in the George Washington National Forest. The trees are just beautiful and the weather has been sunny and clear the whole time. On Saturday night /Sunday Morning we arose at 4:30 to watch the metor showers. They were just awesome. The tails on some were really long and all of them were very brite. Made for some good viewing. We only stayed outside for an hour as it was the only night so far that dipped down into the 30's. The RV park was almost full over the weekend and there were a lot of Kids and Saturday afternoon they had trick or treat here. It was nice to see the small kids in costume coming around and we had a number of them come by over the two hours they were allowed. Now we sit in the park with four other RV's and it is really quite. Very nice I must say.                                          G

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