Thursday, October 18, 2012

        Laurens' Dad was still feeling a little sore yesterday so we took in a few of the local sites. We went to the Mariners Museum in Norfolk VA and it was awesome. We went to see the recovered Turret from the USS Monitor, the first Ironclad ship of the Norths Navy during the Civil War. We did not know that there were also artifacts from the CSS Virginia on display.also. The pictures I put up were a small percentage of what we saw and to be able to touch one of the deck plates gives you a real feeling of history. The fact that these items are on display just a few miles from where the Virginia was built and their Historic battle took place is just to ironic. The Museum has many other displays on many different time periods all doing with the use of the oceans for exploration and war and commerce. A quick five hours and didn't see it all. The conservation of the artifacts from the Monitor and Virginia , especially the fibre materials and leather goods is just to cool. As part of the drying out process they freeze dry some of the items. I tried to get good pictures of the turret and gun carriages but the motion in the water tanks won't allow a good picture.                           G

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