Saturday, October 27, 2012

         We left endless caverns yesterday to return to Center Valley and go to Laurens Step Dads' birthday party so we thought. The RVs breaks had a different take on the 6 hour Trip. When I hit the first big hill and started down the RV started to push the truck.That is not how it supposed to work. As soon as I found a spot to pull over I got out of the truck noticed a smoky smell from the front storage area and that is where the brake controller is located. When I opened the the door there was the smell of something that had burned. After pulling out the storage containers I found a burned pair of cotton gloves and started to look for the source of the heat. What I found was that when the new brakes were installed they used an open style fuse that you would use under the hood of a car. In my thoughts why would you do that in an area where stuff will be stored. Anyway I had placed the steel bar to raise up the front tripod jack in that area and the bouncing coming out of the RV campground moved the bar and it shorted out the exposed fuse and over heated the wiring and started the little fire. So we now sit in a KOA campground about twenty miles from where we started yesterday. It is very nice here and I have replaced  the damaged wiring and just need one small part for the total repair. Will pick that up in Harrisionburg around noon and we will good to go. Have installed an enclosed fuse so nothing can short it out and have installed a smoke detector in the storage area. All will good to go by tomorrow.But as we look at the weather forcast for the next few days I believe we will find another RV park and wait out the storm .You all stay safe .      G                                                        

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  1. Stay safe you guys. It is going to get ugly around here. See you soon.