Monday, October 15, 2012

       Well we have finally left the Outer Banks and have moved up to Virginia Beach. The weather was great and the water was still in the 70's. We are now in the First Landing State Park and it is nice. The site is large and we are once again only one dune away from the Chesapeake Bay and we have a good view of the Bay Bridge and tunnel. It is really something when it is all a glow at night. We will be here until Friday when we will go either west for some leaf peeping or up the coast for some more fishing. We came to Virginia Beach because  Laurens'  Dad will have some minor surgery this week and we can have a little visit without all the activity of the Family time at SeaScape. We will head back to Center Valley the first week in November to vote and do a few upgrades on the RV. Will add more solar panels and a minor repair on one of the front landing legs. Also need to see whats left from the last auction. Hope Less and Ginny are still talking to us. The work shop and the garages had to have been a nightmare to auction off. Thank you two for all your hard work!                G

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  1. You will be amazed at how little is left!! See you soon.