Tuesday, September 3, 2013

     We spent another great Sunday traveling through Idaho and Montana to get to the West Entrance of Yellowstone and as always you see so many different areas of farms and ranches and the different approaches that are used in handling what nature gives them. In Idaho the potato farms and wheat fields go on for endless miles and with all the harvesting going on you see large bales of straw 50 feet high every where and the machines they use look like the ones you would see in the large mining operations. With the fields of gold and green every where it becomes apparent that there is still hope for the American Farm to exist. As you go from Idaho into Montana the land scape changes a bit and it once again becomes a lot like the area of Wyoming we are in with lots of sage brush and scrub grass that is OK to feed a few cattle and not much else. We can see how a few 13000 foot Mountains can change the way the soil was distributed from one side to the other and the way the glaciers moved the top soil around was just not distributed evenly.                                                                               As you approach the West entrance , the landscape changes again and you enter another pine forest that is part of the National Forest and the little towns along the road ,like most of middle America are slowly dying , one business at a time. Very sad . The Park as always was very busy as it was Labor Day and the last really busy weekend for this Tourist Season. For here the next big thing is Leaf Peeping which goes really quick, maybe three weekends and then the snow will start again. We had two nights last week when it was below freezing for a few hours in the morning. We, on the other hand , are down to 17 days before we hit the road once again and will be on the move . Saying good by to Jackson and all the Bison we have been spending evenings with. We just drive into the middle of the herd and park on the road and sit and listen to all the sounds they make.     G                                       

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