Sunday, September 22, 2013

          We finished day three of travel today and we are doing really well with the travel. Spent the first night in Laramie WY and it was still a bit cold that night. Day two found us in Nebraska and we witnessed some of the flooding that kept us from dropping down in Colorado for the trip East. We traveled along the Platte River for some 100 miles and the flooding of the farm land and the homes along the River was awful . The crops and farm machinery lost to the flood waters and the homes and barns flooded almost to the roof lines was sad to see . Yet only the towns in Colorado get any kind of news coverage. How one sided the Media can be. That night we stayed in the town of North Platte Nebraska and we have once again changed time zones. Also the weather in the Mid West is rather warm and extremely windy, mid 80's with 25 to 30 mile per hour winds. Now we are back in Central Time for a day or two and then back to Eastern Time for awhile before Daylight Savings goes away. Yes that was a little whine on my part. I really hate time changes. Tonight we are in Saint Joseph Missouri and managed to drive around a little to see the Pony Express Museum and some of the seeder side of town. It seems most of the Midwest town are doing a slow death march, too bad as they were once very active areas. We have covered 1000 miles so far and still have 1400 to go before we reach the Outer Banks and settle in for awhile before we head back to PA.                                                G

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