Thursday, September 19, 2013

So we wanted to see some new snow before we left and yesterday afternoon it did just that and it was really beautiful on the Tetons.

The wind just started to blow really hard and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees in a few minutes and what had looked like another thunder storm coming over the mountains turned everything white in a few minutes.

We were about a mile away when I took this shot. The air was cold and little flakes of snow were blowing around me as I clicked away.

As the storm was moving away from us we were wondering if it had snowed at the lower end of Grand Teton Park which has a road leading over to Teton Village so off we went.

As we left the pull out I snapped this shot of the end of the snow squall.

Took this picture as we entered the Park Road going over to Teton Village and the snow was still coming down as we proceeded.  The snow between the mountains  was sticking to the trees and grass.

About ten miles down the road the snow had stopped falling and we were treated to one of the many black bears in the area just climbing up the tree to eat some berries that were growing there. 

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