Thursday, September 12, 2013

          Didn't do much last weekend. Just took a short ride on Monday to see here some of the rich folk live, was not impressed. Things are starting to slow down here and we are really looking forward to moving on and going to Kitty Hawk. It's hard to believe we have been here since the first week of June. Where did the summer go . We have had a brief warm spell and a couple of days of real rain which is very unusual for this time of year in Jackson. The weather man says things will change and we will be back into the 30's at night again very soon. Spent Tuesday putting stuff in order in the RV and checking tire pressures and the truck . Everything is Ok and ready to roll. Looks like we are now Landlords as the house didn't sell so we will be collecting a pretty good rent for the next year. Things are looking up as the market rebounds and who knows it may be a good thing to sell at a higher price in a few years. Got to go.                                                                               G

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