Tuesday, September 17, 2013

        We are finally winding down here and we only have one more Volunteer Shift left . It has been a very different experience here being in the high Mountains and we are looking forward to being back at Sea Level again. Even though we have been here since early June we still have trouble catching a full breath from time to time especially when we are above ten thousand feet up in the Tetons. Our hikes get very short at those elevations. The last few days here have been very wet as we have had many thunder showers and down right rain storms. All the locals say this is very unusual for these parts. It almost seems like being in Florida at times as it is so humid.
          Tonight we are in doors due to the deluge going on outside. We had been lucky the past few evenings , the rain would stop and we could still have a camp fire and the sky would clear enough to see the stars. Last night around 9:30 we saw what must have been a large meteor as it lit the sky for over a minute and the colors were a very bright blue green with some yellow mixed in. The weather man says after the rains move away it will finally get cold here, in the twenty's at night from now on, glad we are leaving on Friday. We will miss some of our new friends but will more than likely run into some of them in Texas next year.                                  G

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