Friday, September 27, 2013

          Well after 6 days and 2400 miles we arrived in the Outer Banks with our sanity still in check. After being in the least populated state for 4 months  and moving through 8 states we reentered the world of East Coast crazy people. We had thought that the drivers in most of the major cities were all the same until we got past the Richmond VA area and found that all the insane drivers must have relocated back to the East Coast. OH well, the price you pay for coming back here. We had come to like the un congested roads and only seeing tourists on weekends with the rest of the time being mostly quite. But we would miss all the crazy good that comes with being back here where all the family is and will look forward to going back to PA to see our newest family member and seeing our old friends once again. The grass is always green doesn't always apply when family is involved and there is something nice about the familiar for every day does not have to be another adventure. But it does make the time go by really fast.                                          G                                

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