Saturday, July 13, 2013

              When you go to see a particular place here and some one says it's just up the road it is almost as bad as Texas. We had seen Sacajawea's grave site on the ride in and when we asked about how far it was back to the Wind River Reservation. we were told it was just a little passed the little Town of DuBoise WY. Ok, a short ride from where we are, 3 hours later we arrived at the Reservation and another half hour of trying to find the grave yard and as luck has it we saw from a distance a number of flag poles and what looked like a Native American Grave Yard. If you have never seen one they appear unkempt but that is they way they all are as nature is their way of presenting there loved ones. Some of the Crosses are very plain wood with a name and some are just Beautifully painted and very ornate. Very few large head stones , which made Her site stand out.
            We also did some more of the Canyon explorations and I will be posting some pictures when I finish the post.                                                            G

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