Sunday, July 28, 2013

      We were supposed to do some traveling last weekend but it turned out to be a hang around town event. I had taken the Truck and the Kia in to get the oil changed during the week and noticed the Kia was in need of new shoes. These were the tires that had come with the vehicle and needed to be replaced. The only day open was Saturday and it blew the whole day. As we pondered the next two days they just slipped away as we did some food shopping and just chilled out. The weather here is finally cooling down and we are spending more time outside socializing with the other Volunteers. On Thursday Evening we went to a little Town called Victor in Idaho where every Thursday in the Summer the Town  sponsors free Concerts in their park. The group we went to see was March Forth, we had seen them at Musikfest a couple of times and we knew it would be a great show. They did not disappoint and for two hours did a great performance. They have been all over the States and have done Mardi Gras in New Orleans and in Mobile . Just very awesome. The town has a population of just over 1900 and there were 4000 people in the Park. It was one of the biggest crowds the have had there in the last couple of years. It looks good for us to head out shortly to look for some Petroglyphs outside of Dubois  on the Wind River Reservation.                                                  G

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