Sunday, July 7, 2013

What we did this past week.

The Fourth of July Float was finally done and in the line up.

The Elk and Blue Goose, the Refuges Masco is the Elk and the Blue Goose is the Fish and Wildlife Mascot , as you all know we have done many parades over the years but this was the best attended we have ever seen. the local paper said 10,000 spectators and it looked it from our view. I towed the float.

A shot of Lake Yellowstone. Yes those are white capped waves, looks like the Ocean.

Wave action by the shore

A Raven giving me the what for, for disturbing his lunch as we walked along the lake shore.

This is where I took the pictures.

As you can tell it was just a bit windy while we were there.

As we went up the road a little we came across some hot mud hole and as it was chilly this Bison must have been cold so he laid near the hot mud hole to warm up.

A good size herd of Elk moving along the Yellowstone River

Yellowstone Falls from Artist Point

A bit of a different angle

The sign says it all

He had just picked up a peach pit and was stashing it on the limb.

This Elk managed to find some browse along the road in a section that had burned last year.

These clouds dropped rain and hail for several hours as we went through the Park and turned the Mountain tops white again yesterday . This view is from Lees Marina. They make great Pizza there.

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