Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunday outing

                        We went to a Church sponsored beef barbecue yesterday to support the rebuilding of the little Town of Bondurant's Library . The town's population is listed as 100. When we arrived it seemed the whole town was already there and the amount of food they put on your plate was enough for two, not bad for a 10 dollar donation.  The beef was very good and there were beans, potato salad , coleslaw , cabbage slaw , desserts of all kinds and lemonade . Everyone was very friendly and the live country music was a hoot. After sitting and eating for what seemed like hours, because it was, we decided to do some sigh seeing in that area as we had not been in that direction before . The folks that we were sitting with told us of a Park Road that went up to the head waters of the Hoback River and along the way you may see some White Bison. So off we went on another of those roads that start out paved and soon become very interesting. That goodness for four wheel drive. The views were once again just beautiful with the mountain sides covered with wild flowers and so many different shades of green due to the many different kinds of Pine Trees and Birch and Aspen Trees. All the while as we once again climbed up to and above the 9000 foot level the river became smaller and far more rapid the higher we went. There were many small water falls and little streams feeding in and when reached the real end of the road there was in front of us a small pond and swamp that a beaver had created. It was also the beginning of the Hoback River that down by Bondurant was very wide and deep and full of power boats of all sizes. As we traveled the road we came across several large Ranches that had large Steer and Bison herds. One Ranch had some of the best landscaping we have seen out here so far , but the best was they had a small herd of White Bison in the front yard . Talk about cool pets.                                                                                                                              As for the Fourth of July Parade I know that I will not have to walk behind the float as I will be towing it with one of the Refuges brand new Dodge Trucks. It will be a good time with a picnic to follow later in the evening and fireworks at the local Ski Lodge that can been seen from where all the RV's are parked when it gets dark. Here that will be around 10 PM.        We hope everyone has a great 4th.                                    G

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