Saturday, July 20, 2013

         We have been busy this past week and only had a little time for doing some roaming. We would do our Volunteer shifts and hide in the RV as it has been hot here in Jackson. I know the heat is not supposed to be as bad with 15% humidity , bull crap, it's still hot at 7000 feet above sea level. Still there were some good moments as usual with the Hawks and the Ravines always at odds with each other. The Hawk catching the Chislers and the Ravines always trying to steal the bounty. We have also been entertained by the Coyotes and their pups who are growing very fast. Their nightly serenades are something to hear as we figure at this time there are at least 15 to 20 of them. We did go out in the late evening last night and got the shots of the hand gliders. We sat and watched them for some time and at one point there were 18 in the air at one time. It looked like they would crash into each other at any time but they were better than that and it was just cool to see them ride the Thermals up and down  over and over. It was just like watching the Hawks ride the thermals over and over . Today we had Volunteered to man and information table for the Refuge and the Miller House where Lauren does all her Volunteer time at the 100th anniversary of the Moulton Barn on Mormon Row, a historic area in Grand Teton NP. It was really some thing as there were over 100 descendants of the original Moultons'  who had been the first Homesteaders in that area of Wyoming. It's interesting because at that time when you filed a Homestead Claim and fulfilled the necessary time as required the claim papers that came back from the Government were signed by the President of our country at the time. Do you think that would happen today. We have no idea what we will do tomorrow. Maybe another trip into Yellowstone or another ride over to Dubious to look for Petro Glyphs . So many choices, a true quandary .                 G

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