Sunday, March 31, 2013

        First we wish everyone a great Easter and hope all are with friends and family to make the day a good one.  Yes another week has passed and we are having a great time here at Anahuac Refuge. So far everyone has been really nice and were really getting into the swing of being a Refuge Volunteer. The school program that started the week off was amazing. We went to McFaddin Wildlife Refuge to do a school program, which is next to Anahuac. The bird show which ran for almost an hour kept the kids attention the whole time. Then there were many other things for them to do. There was a fire truck demo and small critters from the marsh displays. You know the usual , alligators, turtles , snakes and such. Then they were moved further into the Refuge where they learned to Crab and fish. A really good day with the little ones. Time went really fast and the day was done. The rest of the week we picked up trash and did some time in the Visitor Center. All good.         G

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