Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Easter Bunny

The Great Horned Owl that was at the school program we were part of at McFadden Refuge last Monday

He only weights 8 pounds but looks much bigger

South American Condor, she is really big with a10 foot wing span

The pep talk from the Refuge staff before the school program, we were supposed to have 250 children but 450 came with almost 60 parents.

One of the Hawks at the bird show. This was one of the best bird shows we have ever seen

The Hawk in flight, hard to capture with our camera

Such a handsome man

you never know what you will find on the beach

A Caracara Hawk

A cliff swallow has moved into one of the shelters on the Refuge

Lauren with one of the Firemen at the school program

Our view from the VIS, Visitor Information Station at the entrance to the Refuge

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