Tuesday, March 12, 2013

       So we are in Beaumont Texas and decide to take in some of the local wildlife parks in the area. The First was Big thicket and it was a park that is scattered all over heck and gone with different units staged all over the area, it was huge but in small pieces . It was fun driving and walking in some area but not what we were hoping for to see some birds. On the next day we found another NWR to go to and it was about 40 miles from where we were so off we went on another adventure. Trying to find Anahouc NWR was a chore for the GPS got lost some how. When we finally found the park it was already late afternoon but with the time change it stays light here until 7:30 so we started to tour the park. Of course you have to stop in the visitor center and we got to talking with the park volunteer there and before we could figure out what happened we had talked ourselves into staying in Anahouc NWR as volunteers for six weeks. Go figure that this was what we had talked about doing some time in the future and here we are sitting in our RV as a guest of the Park Service and will start our training tomorrow. It is our hope that this can be fun. We have meet several of the other volunteers and they say we will love it here.                                            G

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  1. Why am I totally unsurprised by this? Shelly