Sunday, March 3, 2013

       We have finally left Bay ST Louis in Mississippi and have settled into New Orleans today. It was a very short hop, only 55 miles and we arrived at 12:30 today so we had time to go into the French Quarter and drove through the Garden district while we on our way to pick up some groceries.       Yesterday was just a great day of hiking and bird watching. The Sand Hill Crane preserve was very interesting. We learned they were one of the first birds put on the endangered list back in the 70's and at that time there were only 30 birds left. Now through careful management there are about 100 of them and are sure to survive. They are very slow breeders so the come back has been painfully slow. On that note that is why we did not see any on our hike, but there were many great sights and sounds as we did our 5 mile hike through the preserve. Tomorrow we will hike in the French Quarter an search out the wild life there along with some oysters and a hurricane or two.     G

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