Sunday, March 17, 2013

           Hope everyone had a great St Paddy's day. We spent the day at the large visitor center for the Reserve and it was fairly quiet. The building is not 2 years old as it is the replacement for the one damaged during Hurricane Ike. The Reserve was under 10 feet of water during the storm and things are just now after 5 years sort of getting back to normal. All the buildings were destroyed and all the wild life was badly damaged . All the Armadillos and Nutria were wiped out as well the Raccoons and Skunks. They are slowly moving back in and all the major tree lines were killed by the salt water so now certain migrating birds are having a hard time finding perches as they start to move back north. The rice fields in the area are now just starting to be planted again after the storm as enough of the salt has finally leached far enough down as to not be toxic to the rice plants. The trees that were not destroyed are already in full leaf here and it is surly summer, 78 today with some light clouds. Chance of some showers Tuesday but with warm temps it is very nice.              G

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