Saturday, March 9, 2013

      We have left New Orleans and we are now in Beaumont Texas. We stayed in New Orleans an extra day as Lauren was  not feeling well . But as the day progressed she felt better and we went into the French Quarter after dark and was surprised to see that the area was very quiet in the evening and the only place really busy was Bourbon Street, the upper end was OK but the lower end was like Musikfest on a good Saturday night. People moving to the music and running from the over served who must stand in the middle of everything and talk as loud as possible, Oh well you will have this , but a good time none the less. The RV park here is all concrete slabs and green grass . The pool is open and when we arrived yesterday it was 77 degrees. Right now the outside temp is 62 with some light showers. Today if the weather holds we will go to a NPS nature preserve that is 20 miles from here and the are also some Mississippian earth mounds about 50 miles from here, so there are things to do in the area. Monday we will move again if nothing else gets us side tracked.                   G


  1. Dear Lauren and George,
    Finally a moment to catch up with you. Hope this finds you both well and happy. Don't know that there's much in Beaumont other than petro-chemical refineries, but if there are other things of interest there, I am sure you will find them! If you are heading to Houston, San Antonio, and points between, let me know. Lots of good beer and barbecue in those parts. Several old Czech settlements as well. Happy trails!

    1. As you read my latest post we are going to be in this area until may1