Sunday, February 3, 2013

          Another cold and some what snowy Sunday in the Lehigh Valley. It is 20 degrees out with about 1 inch of snow . It does make it quite pretty outside and makes it much easier to see all the small critters foot prints as they move through our yard. In the last week we have spent a lot of time with family and friends as we rapidly approach our time to leave. Have taxes on Monday and then get every thing ready to go. Need to check all the vehicle tire pressures and the RV tires for that last minute make sure nothing will go astray as we head south. Going to spend a few days in Virginia Beach to visit Laurens Dad and then we will head for New Orleans for a week or two. Then on to Texas and New Mexico. As soon as the weather gets better on to Colorado to visit our friend there and then up to South Dakota and do our final part of the address change, Vehicles and Driver license .Not sure from there, only the new future.                                G

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  1. God speed friends. Sorry we did not get to see you before you leave. But life happened. We wish you many sunny days and starry nites wherever your travels take you. We will be following along on the blog.