Sunday, February 17, 2013

   Well we are still in Four Oaks NC and will be until Wednesday. It seems my slow leak in one of the RV tires was not a tire problem but a rim problem. The rim has a small pin hole in it and it can't be repaired. We went to a truck tire company in Raleigh and they had to order a new one and the people they ordered from has sent the wrong one  twice and the right one will won't be here until Tuesday. It seems the RV has a 7 in spread and most of the other rims are 6 inch. Oh well , it is better it happened here and not in Alaska. It was quite the pretty view this morning when we awoke to find the snow. The first here in 3 years, go figure we would be here for it but it will be back in the 50's tomorrow. Will do some more Civil war today, the Benton Battle field is as large and covers almost 14 square miles with much of it preserved. That is pretty impressive as it is a state park.      G

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