Monday, February 25, 2013

         We have moved from Hull Hill Alabama to Bay St Louis in Mississippi. The camp ground in Hull Hill was OK, but we were sitting on gravel and with more rain in the forecast we decided to move to the Hollywood Casino RV park in Bay ST Louis. This park is all long concrete slabs and is very well laid out. We stayed here 4 years ago and liked it a lot. On our trip into here yesterday the area has still not recovered from Katrina and it is very sad. I would say that only about 10 percent of the homes have been rebuilt since the hurricane passed through here. Some of the damaged homes and businesses are still boarded up after all this time. Some of the new homes sit on stilts and are 20 feet in the air, very safe for storm surge I guess. The thunder , lightning and rain last night was just awesome. The storm was non stop for about six hours and was the best light show we have ever seen. The bright side is it was 70 yesterday and today will be the same. The weather will be a bit cooler for the rest of the week and will be in the low sixties.  Will be here for 7 nights and then onto New Orleans.                                      G                                    

Lying in bed last night and watching and listening to the storm made me think that this is what it must have felt like to live near a battle field while the battle raged on.             L

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