Thursday, February 14, 2013

        We left Virginia Beach and have moved on to Four Oaks NC. The roads in VB are really bad and the ride out to 95 was slow and full of huge pot holes. They are so bad that many of the locals had blow outs when traveling 64 and 264. V-dot is taking a lot of bad press over it and is actually paying for vehicle repairs. We made it out to 95 OK and the trip down was un event full until we were ready to get off at our exit and I heard a pop under the trucks hood and I then realised I no longer had power steering or power brakes. The exit was one of those short u- turn types and my speed was now in excess due to no brakes. I grabbed the steering wheel and gave it a really hard pull and reached down to the RV brake controller and hit the manual brake lever and God bless MorRides new disc braking system, the truck slowed down and I made the turn slowly and only ran off the road a little bit. The next chore was putting the RV into a back in space with no power steering, I though my arms were going to explode but we managed. So  here we were in the little town of  Four Oaks and our truck with a problem. After we set up I looked under the hood and saw that the serpentine belt that drove all the power equipment was shredded and as I tested all the pumps I found that one of the idler pulleys was frozen and that's what shredded the belt. When we were pulling into the RV park I saw one of those little auto repair shops across from the RV park and I walked over to it and asked if he could look at the truck and he said yes , I brought the truck to him and in less than two hours the truck was repaired and the bill was so small I was amazed. Just parts and $25. and hour labor, not like back in PA. Small things will happen when you travel. We are still headed to New Orleans and maybe we will get there next week. Not in any hurry, 200 to 250 miles a day makes for a nice ride and we will stay a few days between runs to make it easy.It will be in the 60's here today and plan to do some sight seeing.                                         G

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