Friday, February 22, 2013

             So we finally picked up the new rim and tire on Tuesday and I had the old spare tire replaced with the tire we were running on so all is good in the tire world. So we can finally say good by to Four Oaks North Carolina and got on the road Wednesday . We headed south on 95 once again and found nothing has changed in the two years since we went down on it two trips ago. Still full of patches and pot holes. The saving grace was we jumped off on I20 in South Carolina and started south west towards Georgia. Some of I20 is like I10 in Louisiana with tar strips that rattle your teeth .We made it to Augustas' outskirts and found one of those mystery RV parks. You arrive and there is no one there, just an envelope and a slot in a door that a strong wind would take off it's hinges. Put the cash in and find a place to park. On Thursday we moved on and now we are in Hope Hull Alabama which is just outside of Montgomery. We decided to stay here for a few days and let this batch of storms pass.  Can't complain about to much here, was 70 yesterday with lots of sun and today will be rainy with some wind but still high 60's. Will move further south on Sunday and hopefully into New Orleans for five or six days.                                   G

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