Saturday, January 26, 2013

       Another morning of single digit temperatures. That's five in a row and we can't wait to head south on Feb 6th. The RV is quit cozy with the fire place running and keeps the floor warm. Had a  minor pipe freeze in the storage area  and the black tank valve was frozen. Small electric heater took care of both. Not much to say. Had a lunch with and old friend and wonderful dinner at Shula's with our best friends last night. Wrapping up loose ends. Have to cancel garbage collection and have already put our change of address in at the post office. Soon we will be South Dakotans so we need to make all the necessary address changes and new bank accounts. Change vehicle registrations and drivers license, all minor stuff. The best part about sitting here in the snow we had last night is watching the kittys watching the birds at the feeder we put back up when it got really cold at the beginning of the week.                                    G

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