Saturday, January 19, 2013

       Still sitting in our yard for a few more weeks and then we will be on the road. Looks good for the second week in February right after we do the taxes.  Depending on the weather we may go west if there is no snow or straight south and see some family and friends on the 95 corridor. So many choices and places to see and our ever growing group of RV friends . We will surely miss our family and friends in the Valley area and NJ, but we have a need to hit the road for awhile.                 The fish tank pictures were hard to take but those came out fairly well. The flash always clouded the shot because this tank is round. This tank is the third one I tried , the first one we tried was a 4 gallon vase that was hour glass shaped and it cracked because I failed to put a spacer behind the tank and we traveled on US 10 through the southern states. If you have driven it you know you could believe it was a war zone road. The second was much shorter and had a lid out of glass, it was OK but only held 3 gallons of water. This one has a slight upward taper and is a quarter inch thick and 27 inches high and hold 5 gallons. It is 10 inches round and a clear glass plate serves as a top when we are sitting and I made a foam plug for when we are on the road. Works great with no lost water. The turtle tank filter and submersible  heater works good. If you wonder about power, we have a 110 volts  all the time with our power inverter so the tank runs even when we are moving. Enough for now.     G

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