Monday, September 3, 2012

           Well here we are again in Beautiful Center Valley. Home of our house for sale and more stuff than I can ever imagine is everywhere . We started to empty the storage spaces behind the walls on the second floor and have managed to finally get to take some 30 years worth of canceled checks and old bills to be shredded. 15 bankers boxes of paper, who would have guessed one can be a hoarder of old bills. That's me. But it was very satisfactory to see them turned into confetti.. Did a few more odd repairs to the RV and if it doesn't rain all week I will wash it before we hit the road for a couple of months. Lots of sand and ocean views in our future. I know washing it before we go to the land of salt and sea air it would still be nice to clean the exterior. Also maybe wash the Kia and the Truck. The last wash was in New Mexico and it was looking good.                                            G.

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  1. Great minds or hoarders minds think alike. I have a couple of years of old bills to shred that I found over the weekend. Been thinking about you guys. Did you find more stuff for us to sell? :-).