Tuesday, September 11, 2012

      Hello once again from the road. The State of PA did their best to keep us from reaching NC today and they won. We started out really well at a good time and had reached the NE extension by 9:30 and went a whole 2 miles before we hit traffic. The state once again proved that they can screw up almost everything they are involved in. WE hit the first warning sign that there may be a few delays due to construction after sitting in traffic for 30 minutes. After that it was all down hill and we managed to get off at Lansdale some 2 hours later. That's right, 2 hours to go 15 miles.  Just a bit of frustration and then to back track and go south on 309 and get back on the pike for 4 miles and then the Blue route. OH well , what can you do with another inept State body. The turnpike after all the screw ups in the last ten years still answer to nobody. Anyway we made it to Virginia Beach after the place we have stopped at before just before the Bay Bridge tunnel has decided to no longer function as  an RV park but still has their sign out. Yea more ineptness. you have to begin to wonder if maybe the world has gone to shit after all and I just didn't notice. The other thing that amazed me was that we have traveled the same route to the Outer Banks for some 28 years and this is the first time the traffic moved below the speed limit and their were police every where, I guess tickets are easy money for the states now and they are really pushing the revenue source to the max. Anyway we left the house on the for sale market and the last auction in the hand of our friends Ginny and Less . At this time we don't know how we could have cleared out some 30 years of stuff without them. They have the final hurtle in front of them, my work shop and the garages. God bless them for all their good hard work and patience. I would have given up long ago . I know I haven't posted much lately but I will try to be regular now that we are on the road again doing what we really like doing.                                                      G

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