Thursday, September 20, 2012

     Spent most of the day yesterday waiting for the ferry to Ocracoke. It seems that there has been a lot of changes in the depth of the channel and there are no Army Corp Dredges available . No one knows why, just another goverment oh shit I guess. A normal ride from Waves to here should have taken about 2 hours not almost 5. OH well who can say what is normal anymore. It seems that most of the drivers are either on the phone here or are just brain dead. The last few trips we have made has me wondering why most drivers are doing well under the speed limit. This of course does not include the Northeast corridor. There 20 over is the norm. We arrived at the NPS campground and of course there are no services at the campsites. But for 11 dollars a night we can manage just fine. When the sun is out we do not need to run the generator and with our experence of all the years doing our Living History managing our water use is no problem. We are about 100 yards from the Ocean and the sound of the waves is really nice. Made for a good nights sleep. Don't know what we will do today but it doesn't really matter, it is just beautiful here.                                                G

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