Thursday, September 13, 2012

     Well another beautiful day in the Outer Banks. Did some much needed odd ends on the RV today. One of the major landing gears in the front finally stopped working yesterday and I finally broke down and called an RV repair man and he arrived today and looked at it and scratched his head and asked if I had any info on the unit. At that point I paid him for his service call and pulled it apart and fixed it myself. Not to hard just a really tight spot to work in. Lessons learned, trust myself and just do it. Also had to repair one of the rear motorised jacks. Bad switch lead to burned wires in motor. Was and easy fix that took way more time than expected, OH well , if I had not tried to fix the old switch and just used the new one I had it would have taken less time but not as much fun as trying to do the impossible with the old one. The weather here is just amazing. Clear blue and very sunny with a great breeze. As I write this there are on the horizon a few clouds coming in but they won't ruin the sunset. We plan on getting our fishing licenses tomorrow and hope to be on the beach in the after noon and do our our usual catch and release. It's just fun to do the cast and tug as Jeff would say. On the way down we finally got to see the new inlet that the storms cut in last year. One of those Army Corp temp bridges that leave you wondering if you are going to make it to the other side.          G

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