Monday, September 24, 2012

                Today we left the NPS site at Ocracoke and headed just a little north on the island to Frisco. Have been wanting to try a new RV park there for awhile. Frisco woods is a nice place to stay. There are many Sound side sites and they also have a number of canal front spots. We didn't have a reservation and there is a wind surfing circuit here so we have one of the inland sites and they are huge. No problem with parking both vehicles in the same spot. On the ferry ride off the Island I once again got to talk to one of the ferry operators and he said that the service to Ocracoke may be suspended from Hatteris soon. The channel has really closed up due to the sand bar shifting and that they had actually stopped the ferry service on Friday for awhile because a charter boat had run aground in the middle of the channel and all traffic stopped for 6 hours. I started the talk with him when I noticed him holding a long pole with numbers on it. He said that when it hits 8 feet that's all the water the ferry can draw as the channel is only 9 feet deep now. I feel for the residents of Ocracoke as their life blood are the tourists that go there every day. When we were getting of the ferry at 11:30 the wait to go to the island was over 3 hours. We will be here for four days and then up to Kitty Hawk for 2 weeks.                                                                              G

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