Wednesday, August 29, 2012

          Well here we go again in poor New Orleans. The area where the water has come over the levies was just starting to get back on it feet. We spent several days in that Parish last winter and was surprised to see how bad the area was as it had been 6 years since Katrina. We had gone into the area to see Fort Jackson and was surprised to learn that the Fort had just reopened and that the forts grounds are use as this Parishs' fair grounds. We talked at length with the two volunteers there and had learned that the new Fire house and the EMS building had just opened and that the first restaurant opened all in the same week. This was 6 years in the doing. Most of the roads we traveled still showed signs of damage and almost all the residents were still in temporary housing.You can only hope there are better days coming for them. I can understand why the local residents continue to stay in the area as it is really beautiful there and I guess it keeps a hold on you when you have lived somewhere all your life and have seen these storms over end over.                                G

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