Friday, August 17, 2012

Hello once again. We did survive our 22 days of Musikfest and the 42 shifts of really bad heat and humidity. This was our 15th year there and will most likely be our last for awhile. We plan on being in Alaska next summer and then we will make a decision as to whether we  come back to the Fest , but we have already made up our minds that as we have gotten older , that kind of commitment is way to much. I really liked working for the Operations team and loved doing the prefestival and post festival work and doing site supervision and morning supply was great only because of the people we worked with.We have made so many friends over the years that it always seemed like a family reunion that happened once a year. It is hard to describe the emotion that goes into this sort of odd combination of sweat and frustration of being a volunteer when your surrounded with temporary staff that feel they are better than the volunteers because they are being paid. Go figure. Some day they may realize that we were all there because we wanted to give back to our community. A harsh reality for some who believe the universe moves around them, so much for my bitching. Still waiting to hear from Realtor number two. Looks like we will be looking for another one on Monday. So much for I have a friend in real estate .This one will be one of the national chains this time.We will be at home for a few more weeks and then to the beach for a month or two and then we don't know what we will do. Maybe back in the driveway for the holidays and then south after New Years. As we have emptied each room of the house and made huge piles of stuff I find it very liberating and can't wait for the final sale and the total freedom of not having a sticks and bricks home but having one that will go where we want to be at that time and being able to pick up and move whenever we wish. It may not be 2200 square feet but how much space does one really need.                                     G

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  1. Glad to hear that you guys survived the Fest. We are very sorry to hear that Karen has not contacted you and Lauren. We hope that you will hold this against us. This is not how we run a business. Don't forget to let us know when you pull out. If you need us for anything before hand, give us a shout out.