Friday, May 3, 2013

       Well we had another week of school children and this one wasn't as hectic as last week. Only 85 4th graders on Monday.  First we took them to a small pond and with small nets where we scooped up small fresh water critters and identified them the best we could and then we took them down to Galveston Bay and with the same small nets and dipped into the sea grass of a salt water environment to see what they could catch and it was amazing the Critters they came up with.  55 kids today, 3rd graders, real easy I say but it was very cold and windy today with wind chills in the 45 degree rage as it was in the high 70's on Monday. The theme for today was about how animals move due to weather and how they interact with plants and seeds and how the weather affects each one. Pretty interesting for them when you can make a game out each subject so as not to bore them and lose their attention. Today's weather was perfect for that with all the wind.  I guess it is natures way of letting us know who's in charge.                                                                                             I can say that when the sky is clear here it makes you feel energized even when it  is blustery.                                                                                                                                              We did a stint in the Regional Visitor Center this week and it was pretty interesting as there was a meeting of the Refuge Managers from the three Gulf Coast States of Texas, Louisiana , and Georgia . Also here were DC Personal. They were here to try and help  the Refuges to work better together on the migration patterns that are changing due to wetland development and how to try and remedy the problem. We shall see what comes of this in the near future. There may still be hope as the Refuge system seems to be able to get private land owners to donate or sell at a more than fair price to preserve the Birds Flyways.                                                         G

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