Friday, May 31, 2013

                   Today we start our next adventure. We watched our last Sunrise here at Anahauc and we will be back on the road soon. We will be heading up towards Denver and a visit with Tony for two days and then on to Jackson Hole. We are going to miss the Refuge here with all the birds and alligators as the baby gators are growing fast and about half are no longer in the pod area where they were born. It's almost 1900 miles to Jackson hole and we will not be breaking any records to get there. I gave us 8 days for the trip with the stop in Denver as part of the move. Looking forward to the cool nights there as we have been told that nights will go down into the low 40's and 50's most evenings and that will be for the whole summer. We have been in the high 70's here for the last two weeks at night and close to 90 every day. With those temperatures the biting flies have arrived and  the locals say that's the true beginning of summer here. We did our last two school programs this week and we didn't know what to expect with the 10 grade kids but as it turned out they were the ones that had all good grades and the field trip was a reward for their hard work. As it turned out some of them could have taught the class we were doing , but it made all so much more fun for us as all we had to do was give a few instructions and they did the rest. They had a little fun in the fresh water pond looking for small critters but when we moved to the Bayside with the large drag net instead od the small handle nets the kids really got into it and I will say very wet in the process. But the crabs and blow fish they caught made it a wonder for all of us. An hour in the water goes really fast and that ended our programs for this trip and now it ends our stay here. Sad to go and happy all at the same time. I could never put into word or even some of the pictures that I have taken to show the beauty of this place.    G

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  1. We hope that you had a very happy birthday, George!

    Hugs and kisses to you both!
    Jan & Craig