Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ibises in the tree? We had never seen it before.

It's hard to see but the trees are full of Ibises

More Ibesis

There were hundreds in the trees and when we finished the loop around Shovelers Pond they were gone.

Another look

Roseate Spoonbills on one of the wave reducing dykes in Shovelers Pond.

Spoonbills with a few Snowy Egret

There were hundreds of Spoonbills, they are so pink.


  1. hello there! my name is Claudine Cox and I had the pleasure of meeting you and Lauren at the visitors center! I was with my husband and we took a walk on the trail that afternoon. I just wanted to say that you both were so nice and I enjoyed our visit and I even saw a pileated woodpecker that afternoon! That alone is priceless, I used to have one frequent my backyard but haven't seen it in years ... thanks for sharing your blog, I'm looking forward to more of your travels and experiences of our natural world :)

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