Thursday, May 9, 2013

         The weather here has turned a little rainy this week. Today we had another 86 school children, all 1st grade and we have to give credit to the Teachers of our young ones. They are full of energy and can make you a little crazy at times. But as we all know a stern voice can still herd them around and make them listen as well as they can. We had a good time with them and taught them about the world that surrounds them and how we interact with it, a rather deep concept presented on their learning level.         
         We spent most of yesterday once again cleaning around the Refuge and as you go around we get to see some of the best things. We once again have a new pod of baby Alligators and we counted 18 this time and they are really cute. Saw our first Raccoon yesterday and its amazing how fast they are when you want to take a picture. Activities here are starting to slow down a little with just two more schools programs to go and the RV parking area is looking empty with US and another one who is leaving on Monday. Then it will just be Us, the Cattle and Coyotes at night. It will awesome.       G

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