Wednesday, May 22, 2013

     I just lost track of time over the last couple of weeks as we are now the last Volunteers here at Anahuac. We have been busy with  the big Visitor Center and the small Visitor Information Station on the Refuge. The new RV Pads are coming along and when we come back here next year everything will be much different there at the RV Pads. We moved the Refuge's Trailers over to the Winnie Depot last Friday to get ready for the summer interns to arrive and be ready for hurricane season as the RV pads are in the hurricane flood zone.  We have cleaned up the old pad sites to allow for their demolition. We are looking forward to our move next week North towards Denver and a brief visit with our friend Tony. Then on to the National Elk Refuge and another new experience . Hoping to get an air boat ride before we leave if the wind ever dies down. We are having the winds here that are feeding all the bad weather in Oklahoma . So sad . We had a whopper of a wind , lightning , and rain storm this morning that lasted almost two hours. There were so many lightning strikes that the sky was almost like day lite and there is a two thousand foot tall communication tower near us and it was once again hit several times this morning. But now as I write this the sun is once again shinning and of course the warm humid air has moved back in , it feels like Tidewater Virginia here right now. Will try to get back into the habit of more frequent posts.                                    G

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