Sunday, March 9, 2014

    Well we are having another weekend of not so great weather here. The temperatures are in the 60's but we have seen very little Sun for the last week. One really nice day with a beautiful Sunset and then back to clouds and showers. The rain is much needed but it would be nice to have a couple of days in a row with Sun light to really bring things to life. Despite the lack of Sun all the trees are shooting out their greenery and the grass is growing an inch a day. All the plants are giving out their pollens and it covers the water with a thick yellow and brown coating. It covers everything in the water, even the baby Gators.  Even with the cooler temperatures Nature knows when it's time and Spring is here no matter what the temps are or the lack of Sun. The time change this weekend will make it light out here tonight till almost 8  . It's hard to believe we have been here nine weeks already as time moves by very fast when there are so many things to do and see on the Refuge. We had some new friends stop by that we Volunteered with in Wyoming and we spent a pleasant day with them showing them around the Refuge. There is far more life here than in Jackson Hole . This Refuge also has more Roads open to the public then the Elk Refuge as this Unit is almost three times the size and geared more to easy access for the public. But being on a Coastal Wet Land brings in far more animals to see , there are no Mountains but plenty of green and a lot of life. More birds for sure and a whole range of mammals and amphibians. I guess it's all in the mind set of what you are looking for and we are  ready to one again go wandering about to figure that part out. Been looking for next years Refuges already , so we will see what is in store for us next.                                               G

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