Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hopefuly Spring has arrived.

A hillside full of blue Bonnets

The Trinity River Rookery full of nesting Spoonbills and Egrets

Every bird is sitting on a nest.

The Turns are starting to pass through the Refuge

We don't have a snake book but this one was sunning on the Refuge road.

There are flowers everywhere.

All colors

They are all pairing up

Fluffing his feathers for the ladies.

It's warm and the grass is just fine.

A Bittern hunting on the ponds edge

A Moore hen showing his fine feathers for his lady.

She was not very receptive to his advances.

Some Roseate  Spoonbills passing through.

The two on the right are just ruffling some feathers.

Are you looking at me.

This is what most of the road sides look like right now in our area.

One of the earlier born calf's still feeding from his Mom

About two days old and enjoying the Sun

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